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Communicating through ASL

--by kat94, posted Jan 29, 2021
Today I went with a few friends out for lunch to a restaurant in Toronto that opened in the summer. But not just any restaurant, it's a pretty unique one.

It's called "Signs Restaurant", and in order to make an order for food, you have to use sign language. We're given a little cheat sheet before we order which shows simple conversational signs, and the menus show the signs for each food and drink item.

All the waiters and waitresses are without hearing, as well. Our waitress was amazing. She taught us a bunch of signs while we waited for our food, and she was patient with me as I tried. My friend, who's also deaf, helped me out a little, too.

The waitress said I did amazing. I feel inspired now to take an American Sign Language course and will do so the next school year. I've already learned quite a bit from YouTube. I can't wait. I had the eggplant lasagna and salad (quite hard to sign) but it was delicious :)
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eckyssister wrote: Sign language is so amazing, and all the little nuances that go with it. What type do they use in Canada?
eckyssister wrote: Also, in ASL, "family" is my favorite sign
mish wrote: Way cool , Kat!! x
kiwicat wrote: Good grief. I'm gluten intolerant and vegan, it's hard enough getting my food right just speaking. Heaven knows what I'd order if I was dependant on sign!!!
sandyremillar wrote: great, kat! and looks yummy....
brindlegirl wrote: Oh wow I love this and you want to hear something ironic and a secret. I'm learning sign language! Totally teaching myself of course I have a few phrases and words thus far. I'm loving it!
wavingatyou wrote: Smiling and waving
melnotes wrote: Awesome! This would be a great experience :)
mindyjourney wrote: What an amazing idea! Thanks for sharing with us :))).

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