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Helping Daughter Sleep

--by patjos, posted Feb 3, 2021
My young daughter couldn't sleep earlier this evening so she called me in. I sat with her for a while asked her what was on her mind. Nothing much, she said...the book she's reading, whether or not the snow will lie...small stuff like that.

When she was back in bed I prepared to do a guided meditation with her, and I began to speak about one I'd been listening to lately, one about balancing my chakras. Of course, I first had to explain chakras. She asked was it a bit like our prayer flags. Well, that was a good place to start.

During the conversation we began to speak about integrity and self-worth and this led to us talking about how we each of us in this world is an amazing and awesome being. I compared her to the snow laden trees, the birds, the stars and the galaxies. We spoke about how amazing each of us is and how we so often let this slip our notice and believe some other story.

And just how awesome is it that we can choose to do something so simple as speak kindly to a horse and allow it to nuzzle us, or choose to do a kindness for someone or refrain from taking an argument any further, or how we can choose to plant a seed, or hug a friend or loved one?

And then we let the Light fill us from head to toe and so much more.
We ARE so much more! You and me! So let us be so much more today my friends<3.
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Readers Comments

SissyLee wrote: What a lovely time to share with your child. She will certainly grow and bloom with you!
kvpsummer wrote: What a beautiful gift you shared in this moment. Thank you
mindyjourney wrote: Daughter is indeed receiving some special insights, dear beautiful is our individual and collective :)))). Love that line from Desiderata ⭐️
Dobby wrote: Thank you for sharing this quiet time you had with your daughter with all of us. Your daughter is blessed to have such a caring father!
KarmaSoul wrote: This fills my heart with Joy! Our children are our worlds future and if we can teach them compassion for themselves and a sense of our own divinity then we have hope for a world filled with compassion full of confident teachers able to spread humility , love and grace. This has brightened my morning x
Mish wrote: So beautiful, Patrick. Bless you both. 🌈💕
DANCE wrote: how very sweet to read this, thank you for sharing. we are indeed so much more

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