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The Gift Of Words

--by cyctw, posted Feb 13, 2021
I love my life and what I get to do every single day...leave impressions on young minds :) I received this gift of an email from a student a while back <3.

"I am really sorry for crying today; it was mainly because I was afraid my mom was going to get really mad (she told me this morning that if I broke my water bottle, she would be mad because it was rather expensive and then someone broke it).

But, I am really thankful that you were so nice and gave me a slip from the positivity jar; it really cheered me up and helped me get through the rest of my day!"
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Ayaan wrote: Thank you for sharing!
melnotes wrote: That is so nice :)
pluto178 wrote: What a great idea x
wavingatyou wrote: Wonderful day! Good for you :))) thank you <3
kmbhai wrote: beautiful gift !!!
mindyjourney wrote: Wonderful appreciation, dear friend :)). Thanks for sharing your positivity with students and with us <3.

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