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Jacket for a Veteran

--by mgliberation, posted Feb 9, 2021
I delivered clothes and food to the homeless veterans' camp. One of the items was a rain jacket I really liked and hadn't had long. Yet I had another jacket, so it did not feel right to keep two.

The first thing pulled out of a bag was the jacket. A young man held it up. I said it looked as if it would fit him. He didn't want to take it for himself before finding out if someone else wanted it. Finally, he was convinced that he could keep it. He put it on, it fit, and he got tears in his eyes while thanking me.

He said the most waterproof thing he had was the short-sleeve shirt he was wearing. He didn't own a jacket at all, and it was cold and rainy. I was grateful to see how much the jacket meant to him. I love sharing.
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Sandra Miller wrote: It truly is better to give than receive, but in this case both were winners. Blessings all around.
Karen wrote: I truly believe that most people want to do good, but may feel challenged to help others because they are afraid of rejection. I had a good family who always encouraged giving to others and find it hard to believe that others don't. I still be believe that if someone is kind they will feel much better about himself/herself.
Jimbo46 wrote: Mj, you did it again! I love hearing what a difference you make in this dark world! Thank you for being you!
BonaDea wrote: How beautiful
pluto178 wrote: I love the way you say It didn't feel right to have two......I so get that these days. Sharing and caring. x
wavingatyou wrote: Warms the heart :)
sandyremillar wrote: beautiful sharing! bless you....

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