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Win-win Moment at the Bookstore

--by guetv, posted Feb 26, 2021
Yesterday, I went to the bookstore to pick up a present for my mother's upcoming birthday. I found one of the books I wanted, but not the other. When I went to pay, I asked the clerk behind the counter if I could order the second book.

A lady was standing in line behind me at the checkout. The clerk said she could order the book, but would I mind if she let the lady behind me pay for her purchases first.  The lady behind me said no, it was fine, she'd wait.

It took nearly 15 minutes to put my order through! The lady behind me chatted amiably with us for the entire time.

When it finally came time for me to pay, I placed two $10 off cards on the counter. The clerk informed me the offer was only valid for the book I was purchasing in-store and wouldn't work for the book I'd ordered. This meant that I'd have one $10 card left.

"You can come back and purchase another book," the clerk smiled. "The offer is valid until the end of the week."

I thought about this for a millisecond and then turned around to face the lady behind me who'd been so patient, kind, and charming through the very long wait at the checkout. "Here." I gave her the $10 off card.

She was very surprised and said, "Really?"

The gift didn't cost me anything. I knew I wouldn't be back before the end of the week and it rewarded someone whose attitude left a smile in my heart. Most definitely a win-win moment.

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sandyremillar wrote: so nice!!! all's perfect....
mindyjourney wrote: Loving gifting! Many thanks, friend.
fairykats wrote: Absolutely! Now how often does someone behind wait patiently these days. And she added joy while she was at it. Thank you for showing her such kindness. Lovely story :)
wavingatyou wrote: Books for everyone :)
melnotes wrote: I love standing in a line and practicing the art of patience while sending out love an kindness to those not so patient :) Well done what a wonderful gift you gave :)
pluto178 wrote: Patience.............such a wonderful thing when you feel bad about causing delays......what a lovely outcome. x

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