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Kind Neighbor after gusty winds

--by Butterkind, posted Feb 19, 2021
I experienced the kindness of my neighbors and feel blessed to be their neighbor.

We usually just wave and say 'hi' occasionally and nothing more. This week there has been a downpour of rain in our area and also flash flood warnings have been issued. As gusty winds blew throughout the day, part of our wooden fence, about 6 feet of it, came down and the wooden planks had fallen down.
I had been thinking of getting it repaired for the last 2 days, and was wondering who to call.To my big surprise, I saw today through my window that it was fixed, and the wooden planks were all stacked and were standing sturdy and strong, well-connected and nailed up all the way to our small entry door.

This was a very kind act by my neighbor and my family is moved by their kindness. I will soon send them a thank you note.
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lindariebel wrote: In case no one has quoted robert frost yet, "good fences make good neighbors. " or vice versa.
Mish wrote: Your goodness returned to you. That is truly a kind neighbor! Glad for you, Butterkind. ❤️
patjos wrote: You have lovely neighbours :)))
mindyjourney wrote: Sorry to hear of the major storms and the damage, but oh, how wonderful the kindness of neighbors! :))))))

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