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A New Old Friend

--by dandeliongirl, posted Mar 1, 2021
I got together with a 'friend' today. I use the quotes because before today he was more of a ''really cool, always positive and smiling acquaintance.'' Today we met for what could have been a 10-minute visit to drop off electronics, and it turned into a 5-hour long discussion on everything.

We have known each other for almost 30 years. Today was the first time we have ever really talked about life, religion, family, death, after death, the energy of "us," and how we are always learning & teaching one another.

It was a wonderful get-together, a truly special learning experience.
It amazes me how people can come into our lives and have such a profound effect.  What a blessing. I trust we will be able to visit again.

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lt33 wrote: Wow what a nice conversation glad you got to have that connect today with him
lindariebel wrote: It's never too late to go deep!
Jimbo46 wrote: Very nice! Wow, 5 hours must have been very special! Best wishes! Jimbo
dandeliongirl wrote: i feel like i made a true friend.. - it was a wonderful visit !!
Mish wrote: Paths crossing for a reason:))
drjoybug wrote: The time was right
mindyjourney wrote: At just the right moment we are showed a deeper self, to ourselves and to/with others :). So grateful you had this deep discuss and connection.

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