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Bus Driver's First Day

--by kat94, posted Feb 18, 2021
Yesterday I was waiting for the last bus to go to my mom's house. As the bus terminal was undergoing renovations, the buses had to be parked on another street close by. Time passed and still no bus.

Everyone was getting irritated. It was dark and cold out. My irritation soon turned into anger though, mostly because I was just getting over  laryngitis and needed to get indoors. Half an hour passed and the bus finally arrived. We learned the driver was brand new and had gotten lost.

The regulars on the bus, including me, knew the route by heart, so we guided the driver step-by-step to where the stops were, where to turn, and how to look out for people wanting to board. I love the kindness that was shown to that man that night.

First days can be intimidating. I hope we all eased it for him.

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lindariebel wrote: I'm sure he'll remember this and tell his co-workers.
glenystas wrote: Great to see patience and tolerance been shown to someone who was possibly feeling overwhelmed at the end of a first day. We all have to start somewhere, and all firsts can be different, bet you all made him feel much better about his day.
wavingatyou wrote: And got home safe and sound :)
simplybrilliant wrote: Thank you! First days can be very intimidating. I'm so pleased you were able to help!
sandyremillar wrote: Wonderful! Great help first day...kindness with a smile and direction!
mindyjourney wrote: Kindness shows the way, how Purrfect dear Kat <3. You feeling better, sister?
iman wrote: great dear>>>thanks

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