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Being Careful with My Inheritance

--by antenbunny1, posted Feb 27, 2021
My Mom passed away.  The anniversary of her death is coming up. She left my sister and me a little money. I have tried to be very intentional about the way I spend the money.

One thing I have done is give money to a woman my partner and I know who is in school. She has had many obstacles in her way. Many people in her family have died, and she has financial problems.

One of her problems was she was not able to pay for insurance for school, so she was not going to be able to return to classes. My partner and I paid for her insurance. She tried to pay us back, but we said no. She has so little money, I just couldn't accept it from her. I really hope the funding takes away some of the terrible burden she deals with.

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lindariebel wrote: If there were a kindness award, you would win it today!
iman wrote: MAY GOD BLESS YOU WITH MORE...nice dear
mindyjourney wrote: So kind of you, my friend. Blessings to you and woman you gifted <3.
sandyremillar wrote: Very kind of you to share.....your kindness will make a difference!
melnotes wrote: Thats a lovely gesture :)
wavingatyou wrote: All the best :)

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