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A Snow Story

--by gardengal10, posted Mar 3, 2021
The city plows came down my friend's street.
It works out well as we have cleaning days that continue all through the year.
On your side, your cleaning day, your car had better be off that side of the street. The plow went down the cleared side. Looked great except that there were now mountains of snow blocking carriage walks and driveways.

My friend was attempting to help her neighbor clear her side. An exercise in futility.

There was a tradesman parked close by, waiting for his work mate. He got out of his van with a shovel and cleared the driveway and walkway. Being a "youngster" he was able to do it in little time. So nice and kind.
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Mish wrote: What a truly kind man. Bless him. ❤️
DANCE wrote: Very kind
mindyjourney wrote: Snow really does open the opportunity for extra kindness! ❄️ Very sweet of him to do!
patjos wrote: Ho kind :)
dandeliongirl wrote: very nice. we are all One. love these little stories.
TheBigShelb wrote: Love these kind of stories! ⛄

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