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The Most Amazing Person Award

--by anneboyle138, posted Feb 20, 2021
I am "older"; not ready to say the "elderly" word.
A large snowstorm is upon us. I was dressing to go outside and to shovel a little to get to my two flocks of chickens and start a spot for the dogs.
Shovel early and continuously, and it's not so much heavy lifting.

As I am putting my boots on, I hear someone is running a snow blower.

It sounded close. My neighbor was outside clearing MY driveway! (It is 175' long!) When he finished my driveway, he cleared his way to another neighbor's place who has a driveway twice the size as mine. He cleared it.
My eyes are leaking! He (and his whole family) touch my heart repeatedly in ways it has never been touched. He deserves the Most Amazing Person Award. My heart spills gratitude. What a wonderful feeling he spreads to so many.
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lindariebel wrote: Neighbor went above and beyond!
olivierchhu wrote: So nice to see such solidarity in the neighborhood!
Rajni wrote: Angels can come with snow blower too. It is your good karma that saved you from clearing snowy pathways. Your grateful heart is very remarkable. We all know that Gratitude is the best attitude and you lived by it. hanks for sharing.
DANCE wrote: super kind neighbours
mindyjourney wrote: Thank goodness for those kind neighbors! :))))) Be safe, my friend ❄️.
Mish wrote: A good neighbor is a true blessing. I am glad for you. Bless.

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