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Paying It Forward At The Doctor's Office

--by acfonte, posted Mar 2, 2021
Last week, when I had a checkup, my doctor's office made a mistake and charged me for my copay. Instead of getting a refund, I asked them if the money could pay for someone else's copay or flu shot.

The bookkeeper said that they had never received such a request, but they did it! And she told me today that she felt so good about doing it and so did I!

Hopefully, so did the patient. It was the 21-day challenge that encouraged me to practice more kindness and so thank you to the challenge  as well.
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KindMyst wrote: This is a beautiful kind act. You brought happiness to three lives
lives and many more as you created inspiration for the recipients. I will remember this the next time I have an overcharge.
wavingatyou wrote: Great stuff! Thank you :)
jacobecramer wrote: Paying it forward one step at a time!
brindlegirl wrote: And you know what ... not only did your actions result in her feeling so good but I have no doubts it would have inspired her to do the same in future! Or at the very least she would have shared this story inspiring others <3
sandyremillar wrote: way to go....Divine Inspiration.....congrats!!!
mindyjourney wrote: Great way to pay it forward :))). Blessings, friends.
mish wrote: Very creative & unique idea. Love it. x

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