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Serving One During Isolation

--by DANCE, posted Mar 4, 2021
We have been lucky to welcome a beautiful young lady to be our guest for the next few months. She's from Japan. Due to the Covid restrictions she must isolate in her room for a few days so I offered to cook for her and get her everything she'll need until she can go out.

We started with banana muffins for the tea on arrival. Of course it's double kindness as my partner loves them too. She has been so kind and grateful from day one! She also got us a few delicious treats from Japan, lucky us!
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Melnotes wrote: Lovely kindness shared :)
SissyLee wrote: How wonderful every which way!
mindyjourney wrote: You really do know how to treat your guest so royally! :)))). Enjoy the cultural exchange ❤️
scully wrote: Banana muffins are my favourite, yummy and thanks for doing this
kvpsummer wrote: Triple kindness! How beautiful
Jimbo46 wrote: Very nice posts! I thank you for the compassion that you share!
gardengal10 wrote: How very nice!
Mish wrote: How LOVEly, Dance. Blessings all around. ❤️
Phoebesandler wrote: Yum
TheBigShelb wrote: The muffins look delicious. I'm sure they were much appreciated.

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