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A Commitment to the Gift of Food

--by robcpayne, posted Apr 25, 2010

We have an online dinner calendar where we have a slot for “Empty Nesters”. They are the Sunday School class from ClearView Baptist church which has brought us supper every Thursday night for four years now.

That’s a really long time to do something for someone else every week.

They invite us to their fellowship functions and to their Sunday School class. And usually at least one member will come to our fundraisers. Though not the leader of the class, Kelvin may be our biggest cheerleader. He comes every month without fail and every month brings a trunk full of groceries for our pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. The last few months, as the economy has worsened, we have drawn heavily from Kelvin’s groceries.

Last Sunday Kelvin brought us a surprise, even though it wasn’t his week (or day) to bring anything. He said when he brought groceries last time, he had said a little prayer when he left. He was happy that so many of his classmates help us, but he wanted more of them to help. He wanted more people involved in bringing us dinner. Not so he doesn’t have to bring, he’s going to be here at least once a month no matter what. He just wants everyone to have the chance to talk to Marcy.

So he told us he talked to the class and told them that they would receive much more than they give if they came to visit. And when Kelvin was in Costco shopping last Saturday, he ran into one of his classmates - who gave him a handful of cash to give us for food.

Both our kids still live at home but one thing we have learned is that the older you get, the faster time goes. It will be the blink of an eye and we will be empty nesters, too. When that happens, I only hope we follow the example of our mentors and adopt more “kids” with whom to share God’s love. 

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JuneBug wrote: Such a sweet post....Today myhusband and I are helping two little girls with school supplies. I am as excited as they are !!! :)
Aurelia wrote: This is wonderful to hear. You are truly blessed to have such a caring community. Isn't Kelvin super for even asking others to join in. I love stories like this. :0)

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