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Covid Vaccine Kindness

--by Mish, posted Mar 10, 2021
So much kindness accompanied my first dose of the Covid vaccine today. Our neighbor drove me to the pharmacy and walked in with me in. She made me feel so cared for. She waited for me and drove me home.
The staff were extremely nice and very friendly. Everything was well organized, timely, not at all crowded, and spotlessly clean. The injection was totally painless. I gave them a Kindspring member’s peace doves in thanks, and they were appreciative.
I had butterflies in my tummy all morning, nervously waiting until 2 PM for the appointment. I felt almost euphoric by the time we arrived home. It was a relief to get vaccinated!  I am grateful for the generous caring of our neighbor and for the friendly professional staff at the pharmacy.

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lindariebel wrote: I also had a good experience getting my first shot. Honestly, the aide who gave it to me was so skilled that i wasn't sure she had actually done it! I'd like to compliment her but i've been sent to a different location for my second. But i'm going to take a bag of wrapped little candies and some drinks to share with the staffers working there.
mindyjourney wrote: So grateful all went well!!!! 🕊 💤 Many thanks to all who helped ease your butterflies 🦋 and to neighbor for her kind caring :).
SissyLee wrote: so glad it went well. I got my first one at our fairgrounds last week. the process was incredibly smooth. I too was nervous before hand -- would I wait for hours? Would they have my code? would I get sick? But it was well organized and amazing.

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