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Van Salvage

--by AndiCas, posted Mar 12, 2021
An old minibus is rotting in my driveway. It has not been driven for years, but I've not got around to scrapping it.

I saw a post on Facebook the other day about some challenged because they have an inspection approaching. Their supply of parts from the UK was caught up in the Brexit/customs fiasco. (This van model isn't produced here in Portugal.)

I am invited her to come over.  We were able to find some compatible parts to fix her van.

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scully wrote: Thanks for helping out and sharing with someone in need. One person’s trash is another’s treasure right?
SissyLee wrote: That is awesome.
petroskryf wrote: Kindness in action. Thank you👏🏻🤗
DANCE wrote: Great!
dotmatrix wrote: Perfect! ♥.
Mish wrote: So rocks!!!

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