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Pulling Together For Subsidy Help

--by Andicas, posted Mar 16, 2021
In this country any financial help you get towards education is based on the scale of 'family allowance' you qualify for. As the kids have barely been at school in person this year I didn't bother applying for subsidies this school year. So yesterday, when I got an email from the school talking about issuing computer equipment to the kids I was woefully unprepared with any of the paper work.

My son is at home just now so sprung into action for me as I was working all day. He spent ages speaking to various people at the school to find out exactly what paperwork I needed, which was a specific piece of paper issued by social security.

He phoned the lady in the local office, who thankfully is a parent at the school and recognized my difficulties. She issued the paper without my being there in person, and my son's mother-in-law collected it on her way home from work.

Son then managed to get it scanned for me, and I had it emailed to the school by close of business.

To say I'm relieved and thankful would be such an understatement! So many people's kindness working together to help me out.
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Rajni wrote: It is your deservedness due to your good karma that god directed the drama. Thank him too.
Helenconnell2 wrote: I am so pleased you were able to get such help and for all the kindness of people round you. Thanks for sharing - I like to hear good news!
drjoybug wrote: Such kindness shown in a situation that is usually structure bound
mindyjourney wrote: Sometimes it takes a village! :)))
Mish wrote: Awesome kindness circle there, Andi!! Brilliant.
gardengal10 wrote: Great news that you were successful in getting help on short notice.

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