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Thank You, Dad

--by SissyLee, posted Mar 15, 2021
There is a metal Japanese container/vase I inherited from my father that he had on his window sill. He had dried cotton plants in it. I have it under our patio on a little table and yesterday I was sitting by it and heard a tremendous little hum. There were two hummingbirds coming and going, taking little bits of the cotton from the dried plants.

My father would be so pleased, as he loved birds dearly. I like to think he was with me during this episode, seeing how his vase and plants are helping his bird friends. Or maybe he was part of the hummers. Perhaps he directed me to put it there for them. I don't know but I love that they are using his old plant decoration.

Not long before he died, my dad was luring birds into his assisted living room by laying trails of birdseed on the carpet and hiding peanuts around various wall sculptures. He would leave his balcony door open for them. The facility put a stop to this as it was "not hygienic." But given that I found peanuts around the eagle wall hanging and bird poop all over the sculpture, he definitely had birds roosting and feeding in his room!

So, thanks dad, for all the bird love, from here and there and beyond.
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mindyjourney wrote: Oh, what a lovely share, dear friend 💕! Those little hummers make such teeny tiny nests. I can imagine your father luring birds into his room...I would be tempted to do the same 🕊. Bless your father and all the loving memories you are still creating with him in your heart.
SissyLee wrote: O love how you put that . . . still creating memories!
gardengal10 wrote: What a beautiful remembrance of your father.
drjoybug wrote: I now have a giant smile. And a year dropping down my face. Thank you 💕
Mish wrote: This is so special, Sissy 🙏

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