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An Unexpected Gesture Helps Us Find Our Way and Makes Our Day

--by swirly023, posted Apr 27, 2010

On a hot summer day, a  friend and I decided to go to the forest for a walk.  We walked around for a while, and then realised that we should probably pay attention to where we're going so we wouldn't get lost.  We noticed a marked trail and remembered that the trail started where we parked our car, so we started following it, only after two hours...we realised we were just looping around, and the part of the trail that was supposed to take us back to the car seemed nowhere to be found! So we diverted from the marked path, in hopes of finding our way back. We found a cycling path and followed it to a parking lot. Sadly it was not our parking lot! A map at that parking lot showed us where all the other parking lots were...and we noticed we were a long way from all of them! On top of that, we couldn’t figure out which one was ‘our’ parking lot. We decided not to walk towards one only to find out that it wasn't the right one... so instead we walked up to a house nearby.

A lady was unloading her groceries from her car, and we asked if she had any clue where we had parked our car. We described to her where we had come from and what the roads looked like. She instantly knew the place we described and said that we were a long way off.  And then, to my surprise, she said: "Why don't you hop into the car, I'll take you there." I couldn't believe it and shouted: "Really??!" I was so excited. We told her we had walked around for hours and she laughed and said "I figured!" She drove us right back to our car, and we were so grateful.

I'm sad I don't remember her address, because I want to send her a card to say thank you! People like that are a rare find! Most other people would probably just have us walk all the way back to our car. This was such a welcome gesture, and it made my day!


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