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Strawberry Smiles

--by cabbage, posted May 2, 2010

My husband and I were driving back home when we saw an elderly lady selling strawberries on the street corner. (It's not too common to see people selling fruits on the street here - as I don't think they are allowed to.) I thought of how hard it must be to make a living like that, and even though I didn't really need strawberries (I had some already at home), I bought a huge "flat" of strawberries from her which had 6 containers of the juicy strawberries!

Now, it's just my husband, my son and me at home and we were never going to be able to eat them.  So I knew just what to do. When we got home, I took little baskets of strawberries around to our neighbors, especially to the elderly living alone and the kids with single moms. The berries were juicy and sweet.  They loved it!  We enjoyed them too, and had eaten them all within a day or two.

I kept hoping I'd see the lady selling them again, and lo and behold....there she was the following week. So, I did it again and gave them away to different neighbors this time! It was such a great feeling :-)


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Shelley wrote: I just love this. It reminds me of a happiness poster i read one time which listed ways to live your life to the fullest. One of the items on the list was never to pass up a lemonade stand. To this day i try never to pass up a lemonade stand no matter how big of a hurry i may believe i am in. It gives the children so much joy to have a customer. It is such a little thing, but it makes my day to know i've made someone happy. Thank you for sharing.
Sydney wrote: If one of my neighbours brought me round some strawberries - I would love it! You must have brightened up the day of so many people - and you got to help out the lady selling them too! Thanks for sharing this great idea ;)
heartofflesh wrote: You may be the answer to the fruit seller's prayers. I am sure she looks forward to your visits.It is really wonderful on your part to purchase the fruits and share it with your neighbours.It may be a small act and the future of humn race hinges on such small act of kindness !

Great Post !
JuneBug wrote: YUM !!! There are so many good things to do with strawberries...I love mine in chocolate !!! Good you passed them along AND with smiles !! :D
lynnefair wrote: What a SUPER idea. We have someone doing the same thing, but I knew it would be too much for our family.

I think I may do a similar thing. Thanks. Wish you were MY neighbor!
genesis4kt wrote: That was a really nice and sweet thing to do. I am sure that you touched many lives by doing this. May God Bless you for your act of kindness. :)
dgrav wrote: I love you story. It's so important to support the efforts of "people," rather than corporations. And you multiplied your act of kindness by sharing the berries with others. Bravo!
momov3 wrote: To even have the thought to share with others is a blessing...shows your good heart. Many people's thoughts would end with...oh, I already have berries at home. You truly are a blessing and it made me smile to read your story- thanks for sharing! :)
peanut wrote: Great story,it makes you feel good when you give.You made many people happy.God Bless You.

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