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A Silent Connection in a Beautiful Moment

--by AnuJain, posted May 6, 2010

My attention was divided between the book in my lap and the people passing by when  I saw her walking slowly towards my parked car.  She had a bright blue saree, a large nose pin, orange marigolds in snow-white hair, a large shoulder bag and a face that showed every wrinkle of her 70 or so years of age. 

She stopped and put a hand out to rest against the car’s hood, gently closed her eyes, took a deep breath and wiped the sweat off her forehead. The sweltring day was taking its toll on her slight frame, and the large bag seemed to affect not just her gait, but also her breathing.  She reminded me of a delicate bird, struggling because of the weight someone had added to its wings. 

Was there a way I could do something, anything, to stretch those wrinkles around her mouth to a smile?  But then, I wondered, if the lady had noticed me sitting inside the car, she probably would not have rested against the hood.  Should I take away her few moments of respite just to fulfill my desire to help?  Would she feel embarrassed, and walk away once I made my presence known? 

I stilled my body while my mind groped for answers.  Would I even be able to communicate with her as we most probably would be unable to converse in a common language?  I started looking around to spot my driver, wanting him to ask the lady if we could give her a ride. 

Because of my head movement, she noticed me, and her calm expression changed to a cautious one and she jerkily moved her hand away from the car.  I grabbed the water bottle next to me, smiled, gently opened the door and offered the bottle to her.  She looked at me hesitatingly, shook her head with downcast eyes and walked away.

I was so annoyed with myself.  I should have been more careful not to move. Instead of lending a hand, I had interrupted the sweet old lady’s quiet moment of rest. 

I was feeling blue and I saw blue in the car window again.  She was back.  I opened the door and patted the seat next to me.  She sat down, opened her bag and offered me a banana.  I took it and offered her the water bottle again.  She took it. 

I ate, she drank and we smiled.  She rested for a couple of minutes.  Those minutes brought such tranquility to me.  Then she took my head in both her hands, made a small kissing sound in the air, opened the car door and walked away.

I was trying to help someone in distress.  In turn, I became distressed and she took away my distress and replaced it with tranquility. 

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benny boi wrote: Yo fam this is a good writing peice hope u guys doing well
paeton wrote: Yo does anyone know the figures of speech in this
sethi wrote: Beautiful moments. Thanks for sharing with us.
ejike agu wrote: What a wonderfull experience, how i wish i was you. Bless your soul.
Sofia wrote: Oh. My. God! That was beautiful! Close to tears right now. That was incredibly vivd vocabulary btw. You should become a writer! Luvv it =)
Chie wrote: That's a wonderful story, experiencing that kind of situation was really touching and the most important there is you could smiled together. Keep smiling. :)
cpfjuly wrote: That story was very toughing. I have stopped myself from helping someone in the past so i wouldn't embarrass them. You broke through that and were appreciated in the end. Thanks for sharing that beautiful story.
ema wrote: Wow thats a beautiful story. Not many words can decsribe it.
bwawili wrote: Thank you for sharing such a moving experience! I felt like i was there witnessing the event first hand.
pavoor wrote: You are blessed

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