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A Little Bit of Chocolate, A Whole Lot of Happiness

--by Jacinda, posted May 5, 2010

Yesterday my sister and I were giving out chocolates with smile cards to people who seemed sad or looked like they weren’t having such a happy day. We saw one elderly man standing by himself looking a bit lonely so we went over to him, gave him a smile card and some chocolates then told him we hope he has a lovely afternoon. He suddenly seemed so happy, seeing his face light up and a smile appear on his tired face really made my day! We had a short chat with him, said our goodbyes and carried on tagging people... 

Now the story doesn’t stop there…

As we were coming out of a shop nearby some time later we saw the same man with his wife by his side talking to the shop owner. They didn't see us, but as we walked past them we heard the woman saying to the shopowner: “ My husband's so thrilled – some kids came over earlier and gave him a smile card, told him he’s been tagged and to have a happy day.”  That small act of kindness to that complete stranger may have seemed small to us but it really seems to have made that dear old man happy and added a bit of colour, kindness and love to a cold, rainy winter day.

Sometimes a small act of kindness may not seem like it could do such a great deal, but sometimes these acts are the things that really do.  You never know when someone may need that friendly smiling face, or that loving and helping hand but these are the things which may keep them going and help them to get through the day.


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Bonnie wrote: A better care of people ,may create a better life!
poppy wrote: That is nice :)
iferlamb wrote: Very very nice jacinda! You are a breath of cool fresh air on a hot sweltering day.


helpinghand wrote: We learn a lots of kindness acts from your posts. You are truly an Angel.
God Bless You.
FairyBubbles wrote: That is so lovely - I loved reading your post.

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