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Unexpected Gift

--by rohitr, posted Mar 31, 2021
My nephews Nived, 8, and Krishiv, 5, were getting ready for their new karate class. Their mom asked me to drop them off.

As we were leaving, we found a kitten squatting outside the door. Since we are not typically friendly with creatures in my part of the world, the cats usually run away when they sense human presence. But this one stayed put when she suddenly found us a couple of steps away. We felt she might be afraid, or she might be in need of some care.

With my nudge, Nived picked up the kitten. We are usually quite afraid about contacting animals, but this time he brought her in. We arranged a little bit of milk, and she drank as we took turns stroking her back.

When we had to leave for the karate class, she followed us out the door. Two street dogs showed up and we could physically see her spine contract as she froze in fear. We all felt concerned for her. We tried to put her in our scooter so that we could take her to the karate class, but she jumped off. We said a prayer and moved on.

We did an act of kindness toward the kitten, but in a way, I think nature and the kitten did a much bigger act of kindness towards us. We were given an opportunity to engage in a moment, where one could just give without any expectations. We could feel a connection, without having to say any words, and learn the joy of giving.
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Mish wrote: Even a little kitten can be our ‘teacher’. Thank you for your kindness toward this kitten. May kitten be blessed with food, shelter & safe life 🙏
mindyjourney wrote: That’s how kindness works, when we give we always receive.
drjoybug wrote: So glad you were able to experience this moment and to see it's significance

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