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Say It With Flowers

--by Ladybird1, posted Apr 1, 2021
Garden shops and florists are finally open after being closed three months for the pandemic.  We visited a florist friend who I have not seen for over a year now and splurged on lovely flowers: two bouquets and 10 plant pots of pansies.

I think it is so important, now more than ever, to support small local businesses, even if they are a tad more expensive than the bigger stores. I gave my husband a big bouquet and seven of the potted pansies to take to his mum who is not so mobile nowadays. Some of the flowers are for the house to cheer it up. Spring is in the air!
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Jimbo46 wrote: Hi ladybird! Yes, it is good to support the "little guy/gal" mary and i practice that as well. Everyone has bills to pay and need our support! Love is in the air! Jim
Andicas wrote: I'm so grateful that I'm able to support small businesses. Your flowers are wonderful.
mindyjourney wrote: Flowers so put a SPRING in our step and in our giving 🌸. Thank you!
Jimbo46 wrote: Lock downs are for prisons! Just sayin!
dotmatrix wrote: Lovely. ♥.
gardengal10 wrote: Those flowers would put anyone in a happy mood.
TheBigShelb wrote: Beautiful! 🌸
Mish wrote: Kind on many levels 👏🏻

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