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Heartfelt Card Making

--by AndiCas, posted Mar 28, 2021
A friend of mine passed away, and I was in need of cards for his wife.  It took me a while, but I found some beautiful cards produced by a local artist. However, she didn't have exactly what I wanted.  She went out of her way to find something suitable for me, and she went to special efforts to get to the post office the very next morning.
My first card to my friend's wife is seriously delayed, particularly as it now needs to travel to the other side of the world, but I hope it will remind her that people are still thinking of her.
I've just posted a review on the card maker's Facebook page to give credit where it is due. She was nice to tweak her designs for me so quickly.
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Readers Comments

dandeliongirl wrote: I'm sorry for your loss. i know your friends wife will appreciate your beautiful card.
Mish wrote: Lots of caring & love on both your parts to get some comfort to your friend’s wife. Bless you all.
SissyLee wrote: That card is beautiful.
gardengal10 wrote: Thoughts from the heart are always meaningful.
scully wrote: My condolences on your loss, and glad you were able to find a card that is unique and special. Keeping you in my prayers 🙏
janfour wrote: such good efforts from everyone - thank you
dotmatrix wrote: Sorry for your loss Andi but what a blessed interaction with this person. Thanks for sharing it. ♥.
mindyjourney wrote: Beautiful personal design and compassionate service. Blessing of comfort. 🙏
lt33 wrote: What a cool card is it made out of material? That will be a lovely keepsake when she does get it and show her someone is thinking of her 🤗

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