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--by Andicas, posted Apr 13, 2021
I was struggling to think of a kindness to write about this morning, and while I was wracking my brains my email went ping with a blog update in my inbox. I read it while I pondered.

I saw a description of a friend's morning routine, seeing to her sheep during lambing season, and it brought a tear to my eye as it was beautifully written.

Kindness dilemma instantly solved! I wrote her a message immediately saying how much I'd enjoyed it, and she wrote back saying how lovely that was to hear and how she didn't think anyone actually read her ramblings.

Now I follow quite a few blogs but I rarely comment. Maybe I'll start making more of an effort to let the writers know they're being heard.
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Mish wrote: People love to be acknowledged. I sometimes let bloggers know I like their send & usually get an appreciative response back.
scully wrote: Good job!
mindyjourney wrote: Agree. A pat on the back and a listening ear is always appreciated!
Balou wrote: A kind appreciation is always welcome, I am sure

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