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Smile Brings Happiness

--by balou, posted Apr 9, 2021
Every time I am in 'my' supermarket I make sure to talk to the cashiers, smile at them, wish them a good day, etc. Today one of them looked stressed so I made sure to give her an extra bright smile and her reaction shocked me: She started smiling herself and told me that she always is happy to see me, as I would be one of only a few people who would see her as a human being and not as some sort of cashier robot.

I mean, it is a huge supermarket in the middle of the city, they have lots of customers! And obviously, most of them ignore her as a person. I didn't do anything special, yet it was special to her. While I feel touched and honored by her praise, I am also a bit sad that such basic contact is obviously such a rare commodity for her.

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Rajni wrote: A smile is the shortest distance between two people. Smile do magic. You just proved this by your smiles. You are doing a wonderful job.
dotmatrix wrote: Your kindness makes a difference every time. Great story, Balou. Thank you for being you. ♥.
mindyjourney wrote: As you shared though, it’s become more widespread, those smiles 😊. Thank you for being a kindness force wherever you are :)
LoveyDovey wrote: So true.....amazing what a simple smile can do!
Mish wrote: This is why I often say “as simple as a smile” 🙏
Helenconnell2 wrote: It's so important to take the time to speak and smile at people and you never know what difference it will make!

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