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Staying in College, Learning From Kindness

--by happy_gilmore_14, posted May 10, 2010

I was at risk of flunking out of the state college. I had to pass this one course or else I would be kicked out. This was the time I realized that all my bumming around was taking a toll on my studies. I realized at this time, albeit a bit late, that studies must come first. My grade for this particular course was a "conditional failure" meaning I had to take an exam which would determine if I passed or failed.

The course was being taught by a kind, elderly professor. I gathered my courage and went to his house to ask him if I can take the exam the next week. I told him that I had learned my lesson and would take my studies seriously from then on. What he did surprised me. He took out an exam and asked me to take it right there and then. After taking the exam, he asked me again if I really would take my studies seriously this time. With grim determination, I told him I would.

We said goodbye that sunny Saturday afternoon. The next thing I knew I was told that I had passed the exam though I never knew what grade I got. Looking back at that one pivotal moment so many years ago, I thank the kind professor for his lesson and for his compassion. He could have easily flunked me, but he taught me a life lesson that I shall never forget. For this, he has my eternal gratitude. He passed away some time ago, but I still smile when I remember his act of kindness.  I hope that somewhere, somehow, I may also pass on that same favor to someone in need.


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