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In Honor of Saint Patty

--by lewski711, posted Apr 4, 2021
Staff at schools have had to make accommodations during the pandemic, with people taking up extra duties when needed. When our office staff was reduced on campus, a woman named Patty, who hadn't ever run our office, took over. She has done a phenomenal job. She's been like a saint to everyone on campus. So, today we celebrated her as our Saint Patty, with a staff-signed poster, flowers, Starbucks, a gift card, Gummies, and more. She seemed stunned.

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Mish wrote: That’s really beautiful 💚
TheBigShelb wrote: Awesome! 👍
Andicas wrote: That's lovely. It sounds like she thoroughly deserved it.
dotmatrix wrote: Such a great story, Lewski. Thanks for sharing it! ♥.
Balou wrote: What a wonderful way to say thank you to her!
mindyjourney wrote: 😊 🍀 I’m sure Patty was tickled green!
DANCE wrote: :-)

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