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Grandson is Activist for Planet

--by Dobby, posted Apr 11, 2021
My six-year-old grandson visited. I played some marble games with him, and then I walked with him to the local park.  He had fun on the jungle gym. We then went on a walk in the park, and stopped and watched the older kids at the skateboard area.

He saw some garbage and insisted on picking it up and throwing it in the trash can. He said, "We can't let the planet get hurt."

I'll take him with me to a clean up project on Earth Day if his parents don't have plans. I think he'll like that.

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Christine88 wrote: That's a great story. Thank you.
balou wrote: Never too early to start on cleaning up projects! Wonderful that your grandson did so on his own. Glad you are supporting him with it!
mindyjourney wrote: Sounds like a great day of spending your time together wisely :))))
Mish wrote: How awesome that at his young age he’s holding kindness for our planet in his consciousness, Dobby. Bravo πŸ‘πŸ»
Christine88 wrote: Sweet
TheBigShelb wrote: Sounds like a great day!

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