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End On A High Note

--by TC, posted Apr 3, 2021
Many years ago, a dear friend taught me to end each conversation on a high note. To this day we never end a conversation on a negative note. In fact, I think we take the time to think of something just to ensure we end our conversation positively.
Over time this has become a regular practice for me. If a conversation keeps turning to topics that drag me down, I try to change the topic or put a positive spin on it. Hopefully if I am heading down the path of negative thoughts, someone will do the same for me.
Sometimes there are topics that need to be discussed that are not uplifting and there does not seem to be a way to find a positive note. At such times I find it is important to remember to be kind and speak with love and compassion.

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Christine88 wrote: That's nice.
Rajni wrote: Attitude of positive thought is more important. It is a very good idea of your to end conversation on positive note.

While discussing the topics that are not uplifting, keep the hope alive to be positive if we fail to find positivity,. Does it mean there is no positivity in the world? Even the watch that stopped working working shows true time twice a day.
DANCE wrote: Very positive thing to do
Mish wrote: Always aim for positivity 👌🏻
gardengal10 wrote: Great thought.
dotmatrix wrote: Great idea. That photo is certainly a high note for me right now. Thanks, TC! ♥.
CatEd1989 wrote: Joy and Happiness.

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