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A Little Lace for My Mum

--by melaniep, posted Apr 6, 2021
My 89-year-old mother was visiting me. As she was helping me fold laundry, she commented on how pretty my bras were and lamented that when she started wearing bras, pretty ones weren't available. When they were available, she couldn't afford them because she and Dad were raising a family. Then she felt too old for them.

I decided to take Mum down to my local lingerie shop.  A wonderful salesperson professionally fitted her for a lovely, lacey, colourful bra while telling her no woman was ever too old for va-va-voom.

Mum would have considered it frivolous to spend more than $20 on underwear, but I bought the bra she liked the best. The smile on her face as she left the store with an elegant little bag containing a puff of lace wrapped in tissue was amazing. She hasn't stopped smiling since.
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balou wrote: What a wonderful gift to her! Glad you had this time with ypur mum.
Elaine Browne wrote: You did a lovely thing for your mum x
Patricia Marion wrote: After my dear mother passed away at 90 yrs old i was going through her things with my sister who was her caregiver. I commented on her beautiful underwear and my sister replied she bought them so that our mom would always feel feminine and pretty.
MariaZ wrote: Great stuff!!! You helped your mother learn that it is never too late to dare :) :) :) Well done !!!
wavingatyou wrote: What fun! She'll have a blast :)
pluto178 wrote: She will drape it on a mirror in admiration but will she dare wear may have started something here. lol x
Annabella wrote: Oh what a wonderful daughter you are! Bless you!

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