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Smile Cards, Choccies and Exams

--by Jump4Joy, posted May 12, 2010

At our school, we have exams at the moment, and we only have to come to class for the exams.  The other day after our morning exams, a friend and I walked down to the shops. After we had lunch, I suggested to my friend that we buy something little to give to random people with my smile cards.  She was a bit nervous, but agreed to it anyway.

We went to the supermarket and brought some little chocolates.  So,  armed with our "smile cards" and "choccies," we went and handed them out  to random people.  We even  put some on people's car windscreens.   It was awesome to see the smiling faces of those who recieved them! 

Many  adults assume that all teenagers are annoying and up to no good, but I would like to change their minds. 


Have an awesome day and make someone else's day awesome!


Smile! Love J4J

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Readers Comments

Sydney wrote: What a lovely idea and a fun way to break up the exams! So much nicer to get a smile card and a chocolate then a parking ticket. Way to go guys!
springerchick wrote: my dad works at ohio university but i just thought- there are a lot of cars who get tickets every day- walk along on campus and put a smile card and chocolate (or money or something- chocolate could melt) on every car with a ticket!
Bluebell wrote: Well done! Carry on the good work. Love and Light and a Thousand Smiles, Blubell

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