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Supporting Roadside Businesses

--by Ladybird1, posted Apr 16, 2021
Sometimes I like to go for a drive through the German countryside. Usually some farmers have a stand or a table by their gate where you can buy fresh eggs or potatoes and leave the payment in a cash box, often a heavy-duty padlocked metal affair. I have also seen this concept of "pay it by trust" in Denmark. I like to support the farmers this way.

I have noticed that more and more little systems have been sprouting up, usually outside people's houses in the middle of nowhere. Typically they are selling wares such as homemade jam or even cake, local honey, handicrafts or flowers for a couple of Euros. It appears some people have been especially hard hit by the pandemic and are finding creative ways to enhance their income.

I am making a point of leaving loose change in the car, so I can stop off and support these propriators. This lovely crate of tulips was my latest purchase. I had a nice chat with the man who sold them when I was trying to decide what color of tulips to go for. Later on, I added some wooden flowers to enhance the crate, rather than simply than transplant the flowers into the soil.

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Christine88 wrote: I love this.
DANCE wrote: Great to support the farmers. In UK we have the 'honesty box', have you heard?
Mish wrote: You are LOVEly 🌷 Bless your generous acts.
Margazhi wrote: Go Europa ... Please send kisses to your neighbouring nation, the NL, my love.
TheBigShelb wrote: Yes, lovely. 🌷
mindyjourney wrote: A beautiful way to support and encourage 🌷 too!
Helenconnell2 wrote: Looks lovely!

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