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Cards For Spring

--by balou, posted Apr 25, 2021
On the website of an NGO I found these great postcards. The writing translates:

Card in.
Buffet for insects out.

The cards consist of easily composted material with seeds of bee-friendly flowers embedded. You just have to put the card on the ground, cover it lightly with soil and water it, then the flowers should soon grow.

This makes writing real cards to others even more fun! I sent several out to friends and family. I am looking forward to receiving the first photos of the seeds growing.
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Rajni wrote: I have known only that cards can grow love, smiles, joy friendship in the hearts and faces of who receives them. Cards that grow bee friendly flowers is a very good idea. Thanks for sharing.
Mish wrote: So unique & wonderful! 👍
gardengal10 wrote: I'm going to check around this side of the pond. I'm sure that I'll find something similar. What a great idea!
Kmbhai wrote: Beautiful..
unknown wrote: You're a gift 💗
mindyjourney wrote: Nice! 🌱 To encourage Mother Earth in all ways :)
DANCE wrote: Great!

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