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Engaging with Street Dogs

--by Margazhi, posted Apr 22, 2021
This dog (I call him Bhairavan) lives behind my house and seems to guard this emerging home. Street dogs tend to bark defensively at people they don't make out.

When I fake anger and let out a fake scowl in the darkness, I can see Bhairavan's tail wag. It's fun because this fellow acknowledges me silently after all the alerting barks.

I love a lady dog on the street that loves me for giving her time.  Each time I pet her, another dog comes between me and her. I ask him, aren't you my favorite jealous bum?  And I take turns between both. He will put his whole body weight on me if I don't pet him. I love the way he asks for love.
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Margazhi wrote: When I look into your deep eyes, I am moved Bhairava πŸ’—
How can you be so special?
Christine88 wrote: He sits so proud and at attention.
Rajni wrote: All the beings in the world carry the same Divinity within. You treated dogs with utmost love and care is greatly appreciated. Thanks for this inspiring post of the most loyal friends on planet earth.
Balou wrote: I'm there with Mindy, no special animal, almost all of them have their beauty, theirnsojl and their story to teach me ....
Margazhi wrote: Bhairavan doesn't get messy! He's a regal keeper. The rest were frolicking in the water. Go fellas: enjoy!
mindyjourney wrote: Animal spirit changes as I do...all creatures have a voice, if we but listen. Thank you for helping care for the street dogs.
Mish wrote: While loving dogs & having several dog buddies on our block, I am an ardent admirer of cats & am graced by several who visit me almost every day. Animals respond to love...they know. Both dogs & cats are joy-bringers & I am so grateful for the daily joys they bring into my life. 🐈❀️🐢
Margazhi wrote: @Ladybird1: And when I was depressed, say about 20 years back, dogs used to follow me. They don't trouble at all but give a presence. Maybe they were concerned if I would hurt myself. So, you're right about dogs and their instinct πŸ’—πŸŒΊ
drjoybug wrote: Dogs so readily respond to kindness
Margazhi wrote: Animals are synonymous to joy β˜ΊοΈπŸ’—πŸŒΊ

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