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Her Mother's Journal After She Passed Away

--by gardengal10, posted Apr 19, 2021
Last week saw the passing of three former workmates. All were lovely, gracious, kind women. I had been in touch with the daughter of one of these delightful women.
She was going through her mom's things as she began the task of cleaning her mother's home. She found a journal I had given her mother when she retired about seven years ago.

My friend had written a bit every day for about two years, including one thing for which she had been grateful for each day. She mentioned I had given her the journal and where it was given. Her daughter seemed pleased to have this memory of her mother.
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Marlene 8 wrote: Unexpected kindness touches a heart
Forever. When one finds the giver of kindness
Unexpected joy abounds!
SissyLee wrote: That is beautiful.
Mish wrote: Such a special remembrance for the daughter, Gardengal. 🙏. Sorry for your loss of three friends, in such a short period of time as well. The journal you gifted your friend is now gifting her daughter. Beautiful. ❤️
mindyjourney wrote: So beautiful, my friend. What a lasting gift of gratitude and special memories you gave to colleague’s daughter. So sorry to hear of all the losses 🙏. Blessings of comfort for those who grieve.

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