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Morning Kindness Delivery Route

--by diane1, posted May 13, 2010

At a recent breakfast to say good-bye to a couple moving from their retirement community in Stone Mountain, GA, my Mom was surprised at the number of people in attendance. What was more surprising was the revelation that Patricia's kindness had endeared herself to so many of the people on her block.

My mother and I would often speak of Pat with great admiration for her steadfast service.  For example, she would move my 89-year-old mother's newspaper from the end of the driveway to right outside her door. While my mother is quite able, this little kindness was deeply appreciated, especially when the weather was dicey.

What she didn't know until this breakfast gathering was Pat did this same little deed for everyone on the block who had newspapers sitting in their driveway.

She was an early riser and she'd time her morning walk to follow the newspaper delivery person and make her rounds, which include a trek down and up a fairly steep hill.

We joked about Pat's "nerve" being gone on vacation the few times that she went. We marveled at her faithful kindness, and now residents will think of her every time they scamper out to get their papers.

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