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Supporting My Favourite Hair Salon

--by Ladybird1 , posted Apr 30, 2021
I was finally able to get a decent haircut after half a year of waiting due to the pandemic.  Hair salons have been allowed to open since the start of March, but they have been fully booked. My favorite hairdresser was off sick so her boss cut my hair instead.

The boss's young daughter was there, and she asked if she could put some hair wax on my locks at the end. She seemed quite proud to have a real customer.

With her Mum's permission, I gave her a chocolate Easter bunny with a five-dollar bill. I gave her mum, the salon owner, a generous tip and also supported her by buying some hair oil and moisturizer from a "sale basket." She acted a bit embarrassed and said "That's too much!" but I replied I'm not often there and am very happy with their services. May they survive the lockdown OK!
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