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Encouragement for a Classmate with Cancer

--by bulgaa3, posted May 1, 2021
For the last two weeks, I have been working with one of my classmates to organize a fundraiser for our sick friend, who I've known since 1985 at the start of primary school. When she heard had cancer, she and her family were shocked, and she started treatments directly.

Raising money was a secret activity by our colleague at first because she wanted it to be anonymous. But in reality, our friend was happy to see us. We had fun for hours talking about our childhood memories. Twenty-four classmates were involved.

Since the fundraiser, she started sending her appreciation messages to everyone and posted photos with us on her Facebook page. We were happy to give her encouragement to keep going to her treatments.
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Readers Comments

Christine88 wrote: That is so nice. God bless your friend and all of you that are helping her.
Drewtopian_1 wrote: That's great! I don't think i have cancer, but i'm medically complex.
infogatherer wrote: The strenght of the Human soul in this instance is mightier than Nature alone...Bravo ;)
wavingatyou wrote: All the best :)
iman wrote: God bless u and ur friend too;;
Mish wrote: Blessings of health for your friend...bless you all!!!
bulgaa3 wrote: Hi? Very appreciated for your comments. Yes, i'm proud of my classmates and her.. Soon i'll see her with some books, planned.

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