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A True Gift

--by Melissa.marie.mi, posted May 2, 2021
Yesterday in a department-store parking lot, a homeless man approached my husband asking if he had a dollar to spare for him to get something to eat. We didn't have any cash on us, but I had, in my hand, a gift card with an unknown amount I was planning to use if we found anything we wanted to buy.

The gift card was for the department store, where they had clothes and groceries and beer and whatever he might need.  I gave it to him.

Later as I was shopping the grocery section, I ran into him with a female friend pushing a cart. He said the card had $25 on it and thanked me. In his cart, he had bread and cheese and some sandwich meat.

His friend asked if I gave him the card. I said yes. She said, "Thank you so much. You don't know what this means for us."

I felt blessed I could help them out, and that $25 gift card was going to make a difference for them for what they needed rather than just be used for something we wanted while browsing the store. 
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wavingatyou wrote: Making happy :) lovely thing to do!
Mish wrote: Yes, big difference between NEED & WANT...bless you for what you did for him.
Love2Day wrote: Very nice of you, it's a reall tough thing to ask others for help, especially money. I've been in the man's shoes before
pluto178 wrote: You are a love, well done. x
mindyjourney wrote: So very well done, my friend! Blessings.
vitalreiki wrote: Beautiful story.x
MariaZ wrote: well done!!! for realising that he needed it more than you wanted it and for chatting with them later in the supermarket :) :) :)

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