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Sharing Moments of Awe With Strangers

--by TC, posted May 4, 2021
Have you ever been out on a walk and noticed someone standing very still, looking up at the branches of a tree or down at the ground? They are fully engrossed in what they are seeing. Do you stop to try and see what they are looking at? Do you ask them what they see?
I have learned that there is always something interesting to see and hear about if I take the time to stop and ask. The first time I did this I was gifted with seeing my first bald eagle. The person who pointed the eagle out told me there was a pair who were always around the trail. I have not seen the eagle since, but I keep my eyes open.

And just a few days ago I was walking home and saw a young man looking raptly upwards. I asked what he was looking at. He was so excited and amazed; he had never seen that breed of bird before and did not know the bird’s name. I looked intently and finally saw the small bird he was looking at, a Downy woodpecker.

We watched with amazement as the woodpecker went about his work. The young man stood on his side of the road and I on mine and we discussed the birds he had seen.

I shared with him the little bit of knowledge that I have about woodpeckers and hopefully I was correct. As we parted, he thanked me very politely for chatting with him. So worth stopping and sharing a moment, each of us amazed by what we had witnessed. Please feel free to share if you are so inspired.
(Picture was taken and written by TC)
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Mish wrote: Reaching out with people is always beautiful & some amazing sharing can transpire. Lovely , TC
patjos wrote: How lovely :)))
SissyLee wrote: Sometimes I will stop and ask. It is usually a rewarding thing!
unknown wrote: Two inner children at awe with nature ☺️
mindyjourney wrote: We all need to take time to notice :))). Is that a Downy or a Hairy Woodpecker? :)) Rarely we will see a Red Headed or Pileated.
Balou wrote: Always worth to stop, listen and look .... beautiful connection!

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