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Seeing a Need and Helping, No Questions Asked

--by deneen, posted May 15, 2010

One day, I was coming out of the Dollar Store and noticed a beaten up little car, crammed full of stuff...clothes, boxes, and who-knows-what.  I then realized that the owners were in the front seat, one eating from a can of chili, the other from a styrofoam cup.  I assumed they had split the can of chili and it was probably cold.

I started to drive away when their situation hit me.  What if you had to live out of your car?  What if you only had enough money to buy a dollar store can of chili and split it with your son who has special needs?  What if you didn't have enough gas to get to your next destination?

I turned around and hopped out of my car with a $10 bill in my hand.  I tapped on their window and the lady rolled it down very cautiously.  I handed her the $10 and said this is for you.  She asked why and I just said "God Bless You!"  I drove off, not knowing their story but seeing a need.  Maybe that was the way they chose to live, or maybe they had a million bucks in their trunk, who knows?  I didn't want to leave it to chance. 

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marshmalloh wrote: I love the last sentence. You did what you had to and god sure blessed you! It is an amazing feeling to be a tool in god's hand and to feel the comfort it gives to help others. Thank you so much for sharing :)
Bluebell wrote: Well done! Thanks for sharing, Love and Light and a Thousand Smiles, Bluebell
wayfarer wrote: God bless your heart, Deneen. That was a beautiful thing to do!

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