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Smelling Like Smoke

--by Brad2, posted May 13, 2021
A grassfire tore through my community with the aid of 50 - 60 kmph winds. Officers helped by going door to door to fight the fire until the fire department arrived. I got involved when it breached a fire trail and started for some houses, one belonging to my nephew and his family. I arrived just in time to put out this fire that started right beside his house. Moving old furniture aside, I found an old bedsheet and dunked it in a puddle and used it to put out the fire. I was glad to save my grandkids, who each gave me a big hug, my reward. It was a very busy 20 minutes, directing fire crews to the right locations, getting dirty, and getting right in there to help. I am glad no one got hurt.

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Rajni wrote: . Fire, if not contained in time, can destroy many buildings and claims many lives and turns contents of the house to ashes. You did a timely and very good job. You have saves many lives. May god bless you abundantly.
unknown wrote: Thank you for saving lives incl your loved ones 🙏
gardengal10 wrote: Oh, my! That you found the strength to do this after your recent illness is amazing. Bless you.
Mish wrote: You always go the extra mile Brad. Bless you.
scully wrote: Wow brad that’s incredibly brave and generous to help others others like you did. Question, where do you hide your cape?
Balou wrote: Thank you for this wonderful support, Brad! It IS a scary situation, I am impressed by the courage you showed and hope you always considered your own safety as well!
mindyjourney wrote: Yikes!!!! Fire is such a danger...can relate. Cabin hOMe area is prone to them. Thank you for being such a positive force!!!!!

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