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Basking and Barking in the Sunshine

--by Mish, posted May 23, 2021
Recently I sat in the sunshine, reading The New York Times Book Review. I am grateful to have a yard.

While sitting in the sunshine, I was lucky enough to be greeted by our neighbors who live on either side of us. I enjoyed laughter-filled chats. I am grateful for beautiful neighbors.

Puppy dogs on either side of us were out in the sunshine, too. I had so much fun giving them dog biscuits and talking to them, even though I don’t speak "dogese" and had no idea what the "barker brothers" we share a common fence with were yapping about.

I was able to help the barker brothers’ mommy with some trash bags she asked if I might have. I am grateful I was asked.

Although it is very windy and cool here in New York City today, there is brilliant sunshine, and the trees and many flowers are in full bloom. I am grateful for the beauty.

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patjos wrote: have you read any good books lately?
Margazhi wrote: Sounds a lovely day with God's best gifts, dogs. We have a bunch here that frolic in mud ... God bless them.
gardengal10 wrote: Wonderful afternoon
mindyjourney wrote: A great day...and daisies too! :))
DANCE wrote: Good day
pluto178 wrote: Heavenly x

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