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Neighbor Helps Dog Roll Through Her Anxiety

--by SissyLee, posted May 21, 2021
My attentive neighbor who loves dogs noticed how my little rescue pooch had many days when the world was too much. Going for a walk was overwhelming. We would carry her for a block to see if the fear would pass. Sometimes it did, but sometimes it didn't, and she needed to hurry home.

My neighbor's friend had a brand new dog stroller, but her dog was too big for it. They wondered if my dog, Hazel, would feel safe in stroller. Then we could all go for real walks, and she could leave the stroller if she liked.

I found the stroller on my porch yesterday. I took Hazel outside and sure enough, she didn't want to walk because a truck went by and made too much noise. So I got the stroller and plopped her in it. She looked at me and gave me the goofiest little grin.

I took her over to my neighbor, and we cooed over her. I was able to push her on a very happy walk. She was relaxed in her protected space on wheels and she watched the world go by like a dog in a little car. What a great and kind gift for all of us.

Photo: Hazel with her chihuahua friend Riley

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Karin Beronius wrote: I'd forgotten about kindspring (go figure) but thankfully got a reminder today when i read a comment on a youtube video. So now i'm happily "catching up".
This was such a wonderful story. It filled my heart with joy and made me laugh through the tears. Thank you!
DANCE wrote: How sweet of your neighbour to give it to you, I can imagine the ride :-)
scully wrote: That is adorable! Sweet little dogs
Balou wrote: Such a kind gesture and good idea! I am glad she feels safe in the stroller and do hope she learns to cope with the anxiety. Thank you for caring for this sweet little dog and giving her a chance ... and the love she deserves.
mindyjourney wrote: Too funny re stroller! 🐶 So glad it is working and many thanks to your neighbors :)
gardengal10 wrote: what a great idea!
Mish wrote: Oh how sweet, Sissy! I just want to cuddle your Hazel! So lovely & thoughtful of your neighbors 💖 🐶
pluto178 wrote: My dog would walk alongside me but never walk at all if I put a lead on her.........I used to take her more for a drag than a walk and had to give up in the end. X
Helenconnell2 wrote: How lovely x

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