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Better Late than Never

--by deleonviv, posted May 31, 2021
At the library, there was an older woman in front of me checking out several books. The librarian asked her if she wanted to pay the $4.25 fine on her account. She hesitated, and then said, "I can pay one dollar today."

I quickly looked in my purse and saw I had a $5 bill. I told the librarian that I would cover her fees. After he handed me my change, I pushed her dollar back to her and told her the fine had already been taken care of.

She was amazed and said that she has done similar things for others, but no one had ever done anything like that for her before. She walked away feeling good. I felt good. And the librarian was grinning from ear to ear!
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wavingatyou wrote: Small things make a great difference :)
vitalreiki wrote: Wow, I need you at my library! Have so overdue fines. A lovely gesture. For each kindness we always recieve it multiple times back.
mindyjourney wrote: Wonderful kindness! Thank you!
jia wrote: <3 ty.. :-)))
MariaZ wrote: Well done!!! it´s such a relief when someone lends a hand at a difficult moment! This lady can read now as much as she wants without having to think about the fine :)! Thank you!
ThePeaceWire wrote: :D Smiles all around!

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