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Boxes Filled With Compassion

--by SequoiaProject, posted May 20, 2010

Today we spent the morning going through our personal belongings. We were looking for items to give away for free, at a local park. Not just any items but things people really needed. We came up with blankets, soaps, food, and clothing. Our aim was not to find things we no longer wanted, but things we use everyday that would be useful to others. For some of the items we used and needed we split the amounts in half.  We kept one half and added the other half to the pile of things to give away.

We made up boxes with the things we believed would be useful and added some small toys.  We added a list of local addresses and phone numbers of local helping agencies. Inside the boxes a simple letter was placed. It read…..

Please take these items and know that your life is important. Times are difficult but these days will pass. We share what we have believing that it will matter. Use the food to nurture your body, use the blankets to stay warm. Be safe and know that the human spirit can overcome anything. Do not hold your head down for having a need to stay warm. Someday please do the same when you can. How you do it, where and when, your heart will tell you.”

This kind act was not because the phone rang or for any reason. It was simply because it was the right thing to do. We have often seen homeless people at the park where we left the belongings. The city would say that it isn’t a “problem” but I see the lives walking to and from it. The park is near railroad tracks where many still ride the rails.

I noticed that my wife had put her favorite green coat into one of the boxes . I asked if she was sure about it and she simply replied that it had a hood. Her answer told me why it is I love her. She liked the coat but knew the hood could shelter someone from the rain.

Who knows where these gifts of compassion will go. How many uses can a blanket serve other than what it was designed to do. We never go back and see what happens. Its unimportant. The right things will find the right people and that is all that counts.

On the way my wife started to cry. When I asked why she said because some things felt so right.

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jsmc10 wrote: Oh my, this idea is amazing, i would like to do this aswell, i'm sure any people were helped out a lot by this simple box of objects
Zevelina wrote: What a wonderful couple you are! I`m sending love and a big thank you for doing and writing this.
Mike wrote: What a very kind comment!
Kim wrote: You have hearts of gold and have restored my faith in humanity!
Mike wrote: Thanks for the kind comments coming in. Not great in any way though. We have have that part of us that either looks away or walks toward a need of another. These times need all the kind actions the world can hand out.
WalkingIntoTheLight wrote: This is similar to the letters of hope campaign. It's great to know that there are others doing their part to create positive change in the world. Keep it up! Here's my story. Http://www.Helpothers.Org/my/story.Php?Op=view&sid=15331
Mike Stouffer wrote: Yes. One small act can be the answer to anothers hope.
shahzadi Tunio wrote: Very kind act, food for thought we need to explore more.
Karan wrote: I came here looking for ideas. I will do the same some day.
Mike wrote: Wow. What a positive response this story has been to others. Very cool.

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