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Allowing a Neighbor to Give

--by Mish, posted Jun 4, 2021
My neighbor texted me earlier today saying she was ordering from the local bagel store that makes yummy sandwiches on their good bagels. Did I want anything? It was perfect timing, as I was feeling a bit hungry.

I said yes, but only if she would d let me pay this time, as last time they refused to let me pay. She was silent. Then I heard the smile in her voice when she responded, “Nope, bagels are free today. It’s Mother’s Day!”

I joyfully accepted a sandwich as my Mother’s Day gift.

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mindyjourney wrote: Nothing says Mother’s Day like a gift of bagels :))))
kat94 wrote: Happy Mothers Day Mish 💕
Rajni wrote: You Dearly deserve it.
scully wrote: Awesome Mish! Glad you had a treat!Bagels rock! I ate bagels also today 🥯..we are cosmically connected by our food!
lt33 wrote: Thanks 😍
DANCE wrote: Kind treat

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