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Transportation with a Smile

--by ancasunshine, posted May 19, 2021
I bought 10 bus tickets from the vending machine, and left them with a Smile Card so the next person coming to buy a ticket will find them. I have also put coins on a washing machine in the laundry together with a Smile Card. The third card went to a friend of mine. I walked her to the train station to take the train for the airport, then I paid for her train ticket and gave her a Smile Card to pay it forward.

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Rajni wrote: Your attitude to do kindness is imitable.
Annette N wrote: You are a gift to all of us.
Wandarene wrote: I'd like to get a copy of your 'smile card', so i can spread kindness like you have.
What a great movement! I tried doing that after my husband passed away on january, 11,2011
But i had not thought of a smile card to suggest to pass it along.

It would be great if it became contagious like a good kind of covid.



Riona wrote: What small but joyful things to do! A reminder to myself that it's easy to spread kindness. I will put this into practice myself :)
mindyjourney wrote: Smile card kindness :)))). Thank you for spreading kindness in so many ways. Blessings, friend.
melnotes wrote: Great idea using the smile cards, thank you!
wavingatyou wrote: Love those smiles :) thank you!
sandyremillar wrote: all beautiful....thank you for being kind!

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